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Column: Mentors in Uniform

School Resource Officers and Campus Supervisors enhance our school communities.

School Resource Officer Brett Rimsky moves through the hallways of Westview Middle School, methodically progressing through a thoughtful checklist. At the forefront of his responsibilities is ensuring the safety of the school, and he continuously confirms that safety protocols are in place. Beyond the physical environment, Officer Rimsky serves as a support system for the school community. He checks in with students, connecting them with the help they might need, and takes a moment to engage with educators, genuinely interested in their well-being. In his daily rounds, he fosters both a sense of security and community.

“Relationship-building is a huge part of my role here,” says Officer Rimsky. On this afternoon, he can be found in a STEM elective surrounded by students as they work on measurements for the fleet of airplanes they are building to showcase at their upcoming open house. They ask him questions, share jokes, and focus on the task at hand. This is just one area where Officer Rimsky engages with his community; he’s also involved in the school’s wrestling, cross country, and robotics programming. “Building trust with my community supports a safe school environment where students can focus on their learning.” His extensive engagement demonstrates his dedication to the students, parents, teachers, and staff of Westview.

Bridging Safety and Community

St. Vrain Valley Schools maintains a team of 25 school resource officers (SROs) in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies. These law enforcement professionals are specially trained to support and safeguard students, teachers, and staff, while also developing positive relationships within the school environment. School safety teams are enhanced with campus supervisors, who are stationed at every school, including elementary schools, and provide additional support to maintain a safe and positive school culture.

Across St. Vrain, these dedicated individuals take on multiple roles exceeding their job descriptions. They coach sports teams, mentor students, and create connections that promote collaboration among law enforcement, education, and campus management.

Fellow SRO at Longs Peak Middle School, Officer Sierra Martinez visits the feeder elementary schools, where she reads with students at Mountain View Elementary and talks with students at Sanborn Elementary for their Academic All-Stars program. She values being a part of the educational community. “I enjoy watching the growth of students over time.” 

Longmont High School Campus Supervisor, Todd Marcacci, greets every student when they enter the building in the morning. He also manages the school’s Unified Basketball teams. “The most important part of my job is to help students,” says Marcacci. He checks in with students constantly, gets breakfast for those who need it, and keeps them focused on their academics by ushering them to class. “I love it when I see them at graduation – they transform so much from ninth to 12th grade.”

St. Vrain’s school safety teams also contribute their expertise in the classroom, teaching subjects like law enforcement, civics, health, and finance. At Frederick High School, SRO Andrew Fairbanks leads an elective class that explores various aspects of criminal justice and public safety. “He has a lot of connections to the law enforcement community and he brings in speakers from federal and local agencies,” said Peyton Ciders, senior at Frederick High School. Officer Fairbanks creates an environment where students feel comfortable engaging in meaningful conversations. Students describe him as interactive, engaging, and funny, and they value learning from him. “It’s really easy to talk to him and he offers great advice,” added Peyton.

Regardless of their individual interests and skill sets, our SROs and campus supervisors share a collective desire to impact our school communities in a positive way. They serve as mentors to students instilling values like teamwork, integrity, and resilience, and helping students excel academically, socially, and emotionally. Their influence and engagement enrich the school environment, creating a place where students connect and succeed together.  

By the Numbers

Student Well-being and Safety 

170 School Counselors, Psychologists, Interventionists, and Social Workers who are dedicated to supporting student mental health and overall well-being. In recent years, St. Vrain Valley Schools added a counseling position to each high school, as well as increased counseling support at all elementary schools across the district.

25 School Resource Officers (SROs) who support student safety in every school across the district through strong partnerships with our local law enforcement agencies.

68 Campus Supervisors who support school administrators, SROs, teachers, and staff in establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. New for the 2022-2023 school year, campus supervisors were added to all elementary schools and Spark! Discovery Preschool.

$48 Million Invested in school safety and security upgrades in the past 15 years, including secured double-vestibule entrances, security cameras, and other building upgrades.