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Skyline feeder schools celebrate music

“It’s amazing to bring everyone together,” said Heidi Ringer, principal of Skyline High School. 
Skyline High School hosts third annual SVVSD music festival.

Bustling viewers and booming orchestras could be heard from the parking lot of Skyline High  School. Despite the never-ending drizzle of the gloomy Saturday, something warm and unique was flowing through the hallways. 

On May 13th, the Skyline Feeder held their third-annual music festival, bringing together all of the bands and music departments of the feeder schools. Over a span of a few hours, more than 500 students ranging from grades K-12 performed. The wave of music was unceasing,  with bands and choirs taking form and beginning as soon as the other stopped. 

Initially starting from a lack of available concerts during the pandemic, the high school decided to continue the tradition, allowing all schools to get together in the parking lot and show off their abilities. 

Though the festival was moved inside due to the inclement weather, the point still stood strong.  The event allowed all musical departments of the region to showcase their skills and hard work for friends and family, something unseen before in the region. 

“It’s amazing to bring everyone together,” said Heidi Ringer, principal of Skyline High School.  “There are a ton of families within walking distance that go to school elsewhere. So it’s great to  be a center point of art, music, and community.” 

The music ranged from percussion ensembles to choirs, orchestras, bands, and jazz. Along with the performances, Skyline student clubs held booths, and local restaurants parked food trucks.  

Jonah Bartels, the head of Trail Ridge Middle School’s choir and orchestra noted the event as something unheard of in the area.  

“Growing up in Longmont, I can’t remember anything this big,” Bartels exclaimed. “Having a  meeting between all music programs, from middle to high school, is great for the community and the kids. It’s unifying.” 

His performance groups practiced and planned for three months for the concert. And after the summer break, they’ll start preparing for next year’s event.