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SVVSD approved for alternative education licensure program

The new program is expected to begin in August.
Photo by Santi VedrĂ­ on Unsplash

Alternative education licensure has always been available in Colorado. St. Vrain Valley School District is now able to implement its own program for special education licenses. 

Anyone with at least a bachelor’s degree can apply for an alternative license if they decide they would like to change careers to become an educator. The individuals have to be enrolled in high quality course work that aligns with Colorado’s teaching standards and be working as a teacher during the process of obtaining the alternative license. 

SVVSD was approved by the state to offer an alternative special education licensure program. Aspiring special education teachers can now apply directly to SVVSD instead of enrolling in a university while working to obtain their license, said Laura Hess, assistant superintendent of special education.

“By offering an alternative licensure pathway through our district, we can provide real-time professional development and support tailored to the needs of our new teaching staff," Hess said. "This program not only equips educators with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in special education but also ensures a strong connection to the students they serve.”

This new program is part of planning for the future, Hess said. SVVSD has a high retention rate for special education teachers and the district continues to grow throughout the district. 

“We want to be able to foster people who want to engage in and want to become a special education teacher,” Hess said. “We know that connecting your coursework practice is one of the most important things we can do for you … we wanted to be able provide that support in house.”

The new program is expected to begin in August.