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Five Longmont orgs that can help with financial assistance

Colorado’s cost of living at 12% higher than the national average

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 3.7% inflation rate in August 2023. When paired with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade data cited Colorado’s cost of living at 12% higher than the national average, Longmont families and individuals may be feeling economic hardship.

This begs the question: Where can you go in Longmont if you need financial assistance? 

No matter what your current financial hardship, there is likely a local organization or program that can help you overcome it. 

Here are five Longmont organizations to contact if you’re facing financial hardship:

A Woman’s Work

According to A Woman’s Work website, “We help women in the St. Vrain Valley who need financial support for immediate needs that cannot be met by other sources. Our assistance pays for a wide variety of needs including child care, housing, transportation, medical needs and more.”

Launched in 2003, A Woman’s Work has multiple offerings to help St. Vrain women in need. From their scholarship and grant programs to their Driving For Success program, A Woman’s Work is a powerful community resource for women in financial need.

Longmont CAReS // Longmont City Assistance and Rebate System

“The City of Longmont offers financial assistance and rebates for a number of resident expenses,” as outlined in the Longmont CARes website.

The Longmont CAReS program began March 2019 and has helped hundreds of Longmont residents with expenses such as: housing rehabilitation, down payment assistance, NextLight discounted internet service, city property tax/rent, grocery sales tax, utilities and more.

According to their online information page,“Longmont residents can apply for financial assistance and rebates with one simple form. Applications are considered on an ongoing basis.”

OUR Center // Outreach United Resource Center

The OUR Center’s web page describes their mission as,“We offer a hand up, not a hand out!”

If you’re looking for financial education and literacy, OUR Center is perfect for you. Founded in 1986, OUR Center is a community-based agency. OUR Center not only hosts personal development programs, including financial skills classes, but also offers free meals, family leadership trailing, and a plethora of other impactful services.

Roberta’s Legacy

Roberta’s Legacy website reports, “Since November 2017, Roberta’s Legacy has provided financial assistance for integrative treatments, rent, groceries, car payments, gas, medical bills and more. One hundred percent of donations made to Roberta’s Legacy go directly to breast cancer patients and their families.”

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than 240,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Roberta’s Legacy aims to alleviate financial stress for Colorado breast cancer patients and their families. In the six years since its inception, Roberta’s Legacy has given over $360,000 to families in need.

“Without the incredible support of the Longmont community we would not be able to help so many breast cancer families in need. We are humbled and grateful for all the support, it means so much to us,” said Amy Willard, executive director of Roberta’s Legacy.

COVA // Colorado Organization of Victim’s Assistance 

“The purpose of the Crime Victim Emergency Fund Program, or COVA, is to alleviate some of the financial burdens that crime victims experience as a direct result of the crime and whose needs cannot be met through crime victim compensation programs or other financial resources,” according to the website

If you’ve been the victim of violent crime, COVA can provide immediate financial assistance in the form of rent, utilities, moving expenses, short-term emergency shelter, transportation and more.