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Gaston family flies from fashion runways to heartwarming children's book

The Gaston family has taken a hands-on approach to publishing
Kinslie's Kind Kitten

Fresh from their runway debut at New York Fashion Week, the Gaston family is now setting their sights on a heartwarming literary venture, eagerly preparing for the release of their first children's book, “Kynslie’s Kind Kitten,” slated for early October.

While the glitz and glamour of the fashion world showcased their creative flair, their forthcoming book aims to touch the hearts of readers of all ages with its message of compassion and random acts of kindness. 

According to the mother of three, Jamie Gaston, who has an extensive background in modeling and beauty services, revealed that the idea for the children's book emerged from a desire to spread more kindness in the world. Her daughters, Ashlyn Marie and Kynslie Rose, who actively participated in co-authoring the book, were instrumental in shaping its concept. 

The inspiration for the book came from a poignant dream Kynslie had involving their beloved polydactyl cat, who had passed away a few years ago. In this dream, the cat took her on a heartwarming journey, visiting neighbors and gifting them cookies while also leaving money to cover others' expenses, such as drive-thru purchases. This touching dream became the catalyst for the children's book.

“It was a dream filled with warmth, kindness, and an overwhelming sense of spreading joy to others,” Gaston said. “When my daughter shared this dream with me, I was moved. It was one of those moments when you feel a spark of inspiration, an aha! moment. I thought, ‘This would make an amazing children's book.’”

Gaston thought Kynslie's dream embodied a fundamental need in our world: acts of kindness, both grand and subtle, capable of brightening someone's day. That this dream possessed a unique potential to inspire individuals to cultivate creativity in their efforts to foster a more compassionate and benevolent world. 

“And so, we sat down together, fueled by the memory of our dear cat and this beautiful dream, and began the journey of writing and illustrating a book that would bring that dream to life,” Gaston said.

The book project started taking shape during Jamie Gaston's participation in the Miss Colorado pageant in 2020. With all three generations of the Gaston family actively involved in the Longmont community, they decided to collaborate with a local contact who possessed the expertise needed to publish their book. 

Their journey included not only writing the book but also creating illustrations to bring their heartwarming story to life. The illustrations in the book were the result of a joint endeavor involving Gaston, Ashlyn and Kynslie.

The Gaston family has taken a hands-on approach to publishing, deciding to self-publish their book through their very own business venture, Gold Crown Publishing. To assist them on this exciting journey, they've partnered with Queen Publishing Agency to guide them through the intricacies of the publishing world.

Furthermore, the Gaston family is actively involved in a meaningful partnership with the Longmont Humane Society. Given that their book revolves around a polydactyl kitten, they are passionate about supporting animal welfare and finding homes for animals in need. They seek to present their book during Longmont Humane Society’s Oktoberfest, offering an opportunity for the community to engage with the book and support a noble cause.

As for the release date of “Kynslie’s Kind Kitten,” Gaston anticipates it to be toward the end of the month or most likely early October being the target release window on Amazon.