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Local real estate agent values community over sales

Real estate agent Regan Sample helped co-author a book on leadership and community

A real estate blog turned book wants to prioritize adding value to a community over making sales.

The book, Becoming a Local Leader, was put together by founder Grant Findlay-Shirras, who pulled from his network of friends and real estate colleagues to share anecdotes and wisdom from their accumulated experience.

One of the contributors, St. Vrain Realty’s Regan Sample, has been connecting people and highlighting local businesses and organizations using for a couple years now. His most recent videos have focused on candidates in Longmont’s city council and mayoral election and give them another platform to connect with locals, Sample said.

“Other local agents have been using to do the same thing in their area,” Sample said. “It goes beyond networking and helping out the community.”

Sample focuses on building relationships and becoming a resource for clients in the area, rather than trying to trick people into a sale. Using his network of locals, Sample said he’d rather focus on making new connections that can benefit his clients and the community as a whole, whether it's a painter, lawn care or even a great restaurant. Sample said he’d rather his clients call him than Google when they need help locally.

“At the end of the day, even if I don’t do business with these people, at least I helped them make connections to things they needed in town,” Sample said. “The more good I put out, the more will come back.”

Rob Hundley, another contributor to the book, lived in Longmont up until a few years back when he moved to Gilbert, AZ. Hundley echoed Sample’s sentiments about fostering a network of relationships, professionals and providers he knows can give the best service to any potential clients.

“When you give, you get back in return,” Hundley said. “But more, it’s just a whole lot of fun to work with who I know, like and trust.”

Though the book is aimed at realtors, Hundley said, the idea of valuing relationships can apply to any business. Valuing the connections can lead to greater things.

“When I left Colorado I didn’t think I’d see Regan again,” Hundley said. “Now here we are co-authoring a book. Always be open to where life leads.”

Becoming a Local Leader will be available on September 21 through in both digital and paperback formats.