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Longmont Startup Week returns at end of July

This year event is a mix of virtual and in-person opportunities.
Longmont Startup Week 2018
Dawnet Beverley speaks at the final keynote of Longmont Startup Week 2018. (Sergio R. Angeles / Longmont Observer)

Longmont has a long history of supporting startup businesses. Since 2014, Longmont Startup Week has helped many navigate obstacles to obtain a thriving business. This year’s event will take place July 25-28, virtually.

Free to all who wish to attend, Longmont Startup Week is one of Boulder County’s most popular events to gather and inspire entrepreneurs, according to a news release. 

This year’s session is virtual and will host several panels and speakers to include

  • Aaron Titus, Crisiscleanup: Defining UNmarkets
  • Nels Wroe, Dryland Distillery: Building a Business in Longmont
  • Sheri Smith, Indigo Education Company: Finding Your Why
  • Peter Adams, Rockies Venture Club: What Investors Want: Defining Your Startup Within the Ecosystem of Longmont
  • Liza Adams, Encompass Technologies: Actionable Go-to Market Strategies
  • Lori Jones (Avocet Communications), Mark Ward (Ward Electric), and Brian Hepp (Black FOX): Thriving Family Legacy Businesses in Longmont

In addition to virtual sessions, event organizers are also hosting in-person events July 26-28 at the Times Collaborative, 338 Main St. 

“LSW (Longmont Startup Week) is thematically organized around five key pillars: leadership, technology, funding, creativity, and operations. By having presenters touch on these topics, we believe that we are addressing the challenges facing startups in our community. LSW is about inspiration, motivation, and education...these are the tools grounding entrepreneurs, their mentors, and the LSW,” according to the event spokesperson.