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Longmont United Hospital gives more than medicine

The hospital plans to continue giving back to the community into the new year
Longmont United Hospital gathered clothing donations during December

Longmont United Hospital is giving out more than medicine. Each month the hospital is on a mission to give back to the community while bringing joy to staff and volunteers.

In November, the hospital hosted a tailgating party and encouraged staff, volunteers and the community to donate food. The event brought in over 600 pounds of food which was divided between the OUR Center and replenishing the stock at the Longmont Food Rescue free refrigerator on the west side of the hospital. Anyone in need can stop by the refrigerator and take what they need.

The donations continued into December when the hospital staff and volunteers hosted a holiday cookie party. Everyone — except the Grinch — brought cookies to share. In addition to the holiday fun, clothing donation bins were set up at the hospital and other clinics associated with LUH. The effort resulted in “many bags full of clothes,” said Antony Pearson, chief medical officer at Longmont United Hospital. 

The hospital plans to continue giving back to the community into the new year with monthly donation themes planned. Each month’s theme will take place with a bit of fun to be shared by the hospital’s staff and volunteers, Pearson said. 

Throughout January, LUH will collect diapers. Pearson said the hospital welcomes donations from the community as well. Donations can be made at Longmont United Hospital.

“It is why we are here. To help people. This goes beyond giving medicine when people are sick. It is part of the core of LUH. We treat everyone like family. It is also part of the mission of CommonSpirit. In general healthcare workers get joy from helping, so this is another way to promote joy,” Pearson said.

Donations each month are determined by a committee of people at the hospital, Pearson said. As of publication a complete list of donation themes for 2024 has not been completed.