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Longmont's Tim Ostdiek Band to celebrate new album release with special show

Tim Ostdiek thought he had it all figured out in his youth. His new album tells a different story.
Tim Ostdiek Headshot
Tim Ostdiek

The Tim Ostdiek Band is set to perform an exclusive album release show on May 5 at the Vernon Barn near Longmont, a rustic venue for a rustic sound.

The upcoming album, "The Lost Days,” delves into themes that emerged as Ostdiek approached and turned 30, a time when he began confronting the realities of growing older and the tough choices that accompany it.

Many of the songs on the album address issues such as deciding whether to eventually have children and acknowledging the paths that have closed off with age. While 30 is still relatively young, Ostdiek found that it was the first time in his life that he felt the pressure of making crucial decisions and embracing change.

"A lot of [the album] is grappling with those kinds of feelings of time getting away from you and things just creeping up on you. Both that and reflecting on my way of dealing with losses. In my 20s, I felt very lost and still kind of do," Ostdiek shared.

The recently released single, "All Figured Out," encapsulates these themes, as it looks back on Ostdiek's high school days when he believed he had life figured out. He ponders whether his younger self would think he has it figured out now, reflecting on the uncertainty that has persisted over time.

Since relocating to Colorado in 2012, Ostdiek has been a creative force of a songwriter and performer throughout Longmont and the Front Range. His discography now boasts three albums, including the forthcoming "The Lost Days."

Ostdiek's songwriting is characterized by its uplifting, playful and engaging nature, blending feel-good folk with elements of pop and country. His songs convey a sense of hope and purpose, while not shying away from deep, heavy topics such as loss, regret and fear.

As a performer, Ostdiek is known for his vibrant guitar and banjo accompaniments, employing a mix of fingerpicking, strumming, and lead elements. He often engages the audience with interesting stories and conversations throughout his shows.

Ostdiek has always valued the collaborative aspect of music creation. For his previous two albums, he worked with producers to hire musicians to contribute their expertise on bass, drums and other instruments.

However, for his latest album, Ostdiek adopted a different approach, working closely with the five-piece band with which he has performed live, including his girlfriend, Jenny Balagna, and musically influential older sister Amy Ostdiek. This collaborative effort allowed the band to create unique arrangements for the songs, ultimately helping shape the album.

"Most of the songs themselves I would bring to them pretty much fully written. But they would really do a lot with arrangements, and I'd bring the bare bones of a song, and the band would expand on the bass part and add drums," Ostdiek explained.

The creation of the album spanned five years with about two years spent on recording. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the process, as there were periods when the band could not gather in the studio. However, Ostdiek and his bandmates persevered, in the end producing an album that speaks to the challenges and reflections they've experienced in their lives.

Ostdiek also notes that he's grown more confident and trusting in his songwriting, allowing him to complete songs more quickly and decisively. For this album, he wrote around 25 songs, ultimately selecting 10 that best showcased his vision and message. The result is a more focused and cohesive collection of tracks that reflect his experiences with elevated honesty and vulnerability.

"I feel like I know what I'm saying with this group of songs," Ostdiek shared. "I feel more confident and safe. I feel like (the album) more honestly reflects what I went through. I think there's a little more vulnerability in the songs than in past songs."

The Tim Ostdiek Band will celebrate the release of their latest album, "The Lost Days," on May 5,, at The Vernon Barn in Longmont. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., with the show starting promptly at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15 here. Please note that tickets will not be available for purchase at the venue.