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Via Mobility could lay off over 100 people

The layoffs will impact the Access-a-Ride program

Via Mobility Service is expected to lay off over 100 people in its Access-a-Ride service. However, the nonprofit, which serves people with disabilities and provides other transportation services, hopes to rehire some in other areas.

Via Mobility CEO Frank Bruno said the layoffs are because the organization lost its contract with the Regional Transportation District, or RTD, to operate the Access-a-Ride program. The contract opens to bid every five years and was awarded this year to TransDev Inc., based in France, and MTM Transportation, based in Lake St. Louis, Missouri.

Although a hit for the nonprofit, it was able to win the contract for RTD’s FlexRide beginning July 1. This is a potential opportunity for Via Mobility to hire back some of the individuals who will be laid off. 

“We have had the northern area, everywhere from Denver north,” Bruno told BizWest. “With the new contract, we’ll have the entire RTD district.”

On Monday, Bruno told BizWest that he expects 123 employees to be laid off. This includes three administrative positions.